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I found this under an old collection files; it’s a cheat for god mode in IJJI Gunz, using AT&T inline ASM. #include <windows.h> BYTE gdmeCheck = 0; BYTE tglCheck = 1; DWORD WINAPI GetKey ( LPVOID lpParam ); DWORD WINAPI GdMde ( LPVOID lpParam ); DWORD WINAPI GetZChar ( ); BOOL APIENTRY DllMain ( HINSTANCE […]

While this method is very old, I still find it necessary to be known. GameGuard’s hooks are a 5-byte JMP overwritten at the beginning of most functions. Considering most functions first 5 bytes are “MOV EDI, EDI”, “PUSH EBP”, and “MOV EBP, ESP”, you can write a generic layer for repairing functions: #include <windows.h> int […]

I was reversing someone’s game cheat the other day, and I found something peculiar. nProtect had blacklisted two entire functions used by this person’s cheat, so they had used an XOR-based encryption (Using a minuscule one-byte key) to mask the function in memory, decrypting it on call, then re-encrypting it. do { temp = Buffer[bufferlength]; […]

Whenever dealing with a Gunz client (Be it from an official server or private server), one piece of valuable information you may want to dump is the MRS decryption algorithm used. Therefore, here’s a neat little signature you can use in fingerprinting the decryption scheme: \x56\x8B // MOV ECX, [ESP+4] \x74\x24\x0C // MOV ESI, [ESP+C] […]

Simple enough, what’s been the strongest anti-cheat everyone’s all battled against? Personally, I can’t fully identify one particular system – HackShield is known for doing the most to battle against DirectX modifications, Punkbuster is known for a hardware-based banning system, GameGuard is despised for its kernel-protection setup, etc.

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A followup I wrote for GC101; this one has a higher focus on WinAPI with C. Requirements [*] Basic understanding of technical terms. Recommended [*] C++ Compiler (I highly recommend Dev-C++, though, others will work, such as Visual C++). [*] Reading of <a href=" Cheats 101 Summary This guide intends to add onto the previously […]

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Here goes something of mine I wrote about 2 months ago; fantastic, if I don’t say so myself, for beginners who need a starting point for coding. Summary This guide will explain exactly what is necessary to begin cheat creation for generally any online computer game, including both fields to study, and tools to use. […]