This entire blog is mainly just to keep up with my coding projects. I’ve worked with many languages, software environments, and with a variety of hardware.

To start with:

Operating System Environment Time Usage
Windows 3.1.X/95/98/ME Home Desktop One year Entertainment/personal
Windows 2000 Workstation Three years Business
Windows XP Pro/Home, SP0-3 Workstation/Home Desktop Six years Business/Personal; under a variety of scenarios
Windows 2003 Server (Web/Enterprise-Editions) Server Three years Business; for a corporate environment
Windows 2008 Server (Demo) / Less than half a year Familarizing myself with the new build of Windows server
Red Hat 8 Home Desktop Two years My first experience with Linux; with an old version of KDE, this went a bit less than perfect
Mandrake ? Home Desktop Less than half a year My second experience – this was even shorter, and I ultimately learned nothing of value
Debian 3.1-5.X Home Desktop/Workstation/Server Four years My first good experience with a Linux distro; used under a (virtual/full) dedicated environment, as well as shared
CentOS ? Server/Workstation Five years Used under a shared and dedicated environment; plenty to write home about.
Gentoo ? Workstation One year Filled with headaches, but I still enjoyed the overall speed gain.
Ubuntu 6.X-9.X Home Desktop Two years Not a fan; “Debian done wrong” seems to fit for this bloated distro.
FreeBSD 5.X-7.X Server Three years Lovely UNIX distro; used under a dedicated only environment.
OpenBSD 3.X-4.2 Workstation/Server Two years My first experience with UNIX as a desktop; to sum it up, I loved working with pf, and it was a great introduction to UNIX for me.
NetBSD ? Server Less than half a year Used under a dedicated environment; nothing necessarily special about this distro other than portability, which I haven’t needed yet
Fedora 8.X-11.X Workstation/Server Two years As a server, it’s fast/secure; as a workstation, it’s too unstable for me to use continously.
OpenSolaris 10.X Home Desktop Less than half a year DTrace is a great tool, but, there were some driver problems, and it lacked many tools I was interested in.
Language Networking? Cryptography? Tk, Qt, or GTK MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL Time
C(++) Yes (POSIX) Yes (Hashing, PGP, etc) Qt and GTK MySQL and MSSQL Five years
IA-32 MASM Yes (POSIX) No None MSSQL Two years
Python Yes Yes (Default libs only) All three MySQL Two years
Ruby (W/ & w/o Rails) Yes

No Tk MySQL Two years
Perl Yes Yes Tk MySQL and PostgreSQL Three years
PHP Yes Yes None All Four years
Java/JSP Yes Yes None MySQL One year
Javascript Yes (AJAX) Yes None None available Six years
XHTML/CSS None available None available None available None available Eight years
VBScript Yes No None available None available Three years
(BA)SH scripting No No None available None Two years
BATCH scripting No No None available None Four years
C#/VB.NET/VC++ Yes Yes None MSSQL Two years
VB6 Yes No None None Less than half a year

I have worked with MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, and SQLite as far as databases go; for other languages, I’ve touched on FORTRAN, the pseudo-language qBasic, ADA, and Delphi.

Under C(++), I worked with DirectX/Direct3D and a little bit of OpenGL, as far as graphics go.

Other than the forementioned, I’m fairly experienced with executable analysis on Windows and most Linux distros; under Windows I have used IDA, WinDBG, and OllyDBG, while with Linux I’ve worked with GDB and EDB.

I’ve worked under virtual-dedicated environments (Both with desktop virtualization software, such as QEMU and VirtualBox, and server-end, such as Xen and Virtuozzo), shared, dedicated, with restricted shells, virtual clusters, dedicated clusters, etc.


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