Strongest Anti-Cheat?


Simple enough, what’s been the strongest anti-cheat everyone’s all battled against?

Personally, I can’t fully identify one particular system – HackShield is known for doing the most to battle against DirectX modifications, Punkbuster is known for a hardware-based banning system, GameGuard is despised for its kernel-protection setup, etc.


4 Responses to “Strongest Anti-Cheat?”

  1. 1 Phail

    Well, GameGuard is pretty far up there, but knowing it’s all usermode hooking inside Vista will make me sad :(. FPS wise it’s a tie between HackShield and VAC. YOU CAN’T FORGOT XTRAP! rofl.

    • 2 majii

      Oh, how could I ever forget the all-powerful X-Trap? 😉

  2. 3 Mirage

    “X-Trap brings new meaning to the word “anti-cheat” by literally setting a bear trap in front of the server box. Come and get it.” – X-Trap development team.

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